Captains Update

Published on 13th February 2020

Wow what a weekend we just had, from drought conditions to the course in flood.  From Friday to Sunday we received 388mm if rain, more than enough to fill our dams.  How good does it look with the dams full.  Fortunately, we got lucky with our trees, only losing a few, there were other clubs that lost plenty and are still in clean up.  Congratulations to Ron and his team for getting us up and going again so quickly.

Members might have noticed that there is work going on in the small wetland on the 1st hole near the left bunker. The Golf Committee has asked Ron to take the plants out and make that area just grass, that little wetland has been controversial as balls are directed that was when landing short of the green.  This will make it a bit fairer for everyone.

With all that rain on the weekend, both of our pennant tams (Ladies and Men’s) were washed out.  This won’t help the men’s team as they were at home to Fox Hills. I am sure they are happy with half a point.  Opposite for the women who take half a point away to Penrith.  Good luck to both teams this weekend, hopefully the rain stays away.  I’ve been asked to put up the names of the players again.

Men                                                                                                                      Women

Michael Hooper(C)                                                                                          Fiona Montgomery (C)
Luke Cincotta                                                                                                    Racheal Lee
Ben Willson                                                                                                         Helen Lee
Jackson Fennell                                                                                                Marlene Meynert
Matt Gordon                                                                                                     Karen Psaltis
Alex Sghabe                                                                                                      Philippa Ternes
Ben Bury                                                                                                             Rebecca Yao
David Calleija                                                                                                    
Daniel Fazzolari                                                                                                
Tom Crockart                                                                                                    

I would like to bring to the attention of all the members that the board has implemented a Anti Bullying Policy.  You will find it on our website in Golf Documents  click here and on the notice board downstairs. I think everyone should read it and have a think about it.  We have had a couple of issues over the recent months where members have confronted other members about slow play and pace of play.  Please leave this to the Board to look after, we don’t want fights and issues on the course, we are all here for a good time.  I would like to assure members that the pace of play is mentioned every week and letters are being sent out to slow groups.  I receive Saturday and Sunday times on Monday at the latest and look at the times each week.  It is amazing what one slow group can do to the pace of play over the whole day.  On another note, if you want to play in the early groups on Saturday and Sunday (roughly the first 6 – 8 groups) you need to be able to go around in under 3.5 hours.  It might sound quick but it’s quite easy at that time of the morning.  If we don’t get these groups through quickly it can make for a 5+ hour rounds later.  Please think of your fellow members.

Good Golfing
Glenn Woodley – Captain

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