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Published on 13th February 2020

After the War and the first 25 years (1949-1974)

In November 1948 the Club, was under the ownership of Mr. Les Murnin. The then Club President, Stan Sheather (as shown), approached Mr. Murnin and was successful in gaining an agreement to purchase the Club for 18,367 pounds (roughly $37,000) and over a period of ten months this figure was raised and the purchase finalised. Of this amount 54% was raised by debenture, 38% by overdraft and the remaining 8% involved an 18 month equitable mortgage of 1,900 pounds undertaken by President Stan.

North Ryde Golf Club Ltd (the name North Ryde Golf Club rejected by the Registrar- General because of the prior ownership) was incorporated 22nd June 1949. The first meeting of the new Club took place in the Clubhouse on 19th August 1949. How appropriate that on this day the no 1 on the hit parade was Perry Como’s Some Enchanted Evening,

So began the new era,

Club House furniture included a few secondhand cane chairs, often repaired by Members on rainy days when the course was unplayable, and a second-hand piano provided some entertainment. Social gatherings were somewhat limited as the “little house” facility was located  outside the Clubhouse and unsewered.

Conversation was unusual as discussions often covered the number of balls lost down a rabbit burrow and the cow who would not move from the 12th green.

In the earlier days of the first 25 years 3 holes, 7 acres on the Southern side of Twin Road, were leased from War Service. When this lease expired the then Committee sought ways of resisting a 15 hole course. Additional expense was required. In 1953  Ryde Council  agreed to assist by rezoning some land alongside Lane Cove Road, which was then purchased  by the Golf Club. The new  land comprising 12 acres was purchased 7,186 pounds. Earlier acquisitions included  11.5 acres purchased from Ryde Council in 1949 (3,300 pounds) and a further 5.5 acres from the Education Department. These purchases allowed the development of what is now the home of North Ryde Golf Club.

In 1954 the utilisation of the additional land and aware that a group of overseas architects had described the course as “badly in need of a personality transfusion” successive Boards worked, with limited funds, to change the course layout. Golf Architect, Prosper Ellis, redesigned the 75 acres of land and the new course started to take shape.

1960 was the time for the social aspect of the Club to be addressed and by 1962 the new section of the Clubhouse was completed. Other stages were added and on October 21st 1972 the local Mayor of Ryde, Alderman HRS Anderson, officially opened the new clubhouse. In 1962 membership had reached 532 and by 1972 exceeded the 1968 figure of 1000 comprising 723 male members and 282 associate members.

In 1968 the first Pro Am was held and David Graham and Ted Ball shared the win with, at that time, course record scores of 66 each.

The first 25 years concluded in 1974 and the 25th  Commemoration Dinner Function was held in the recently opened new clubhouse.

What  a menu: 1 dozen Oysters Natural, Chicken in the Basket, Caramel Donut Delight and Coffee, ( where would you see such artistry and flair in 2020). In addition entertainment was provided by The Four Kinsmen and dancing to the sounds of Wedgewood, Ray on organ and piano, Bob on lead guitar and Christine on drums. The MC was the then General Manager Duncan McEwen.

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