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Track & submit golf scores with the new Miscore R&A
approved digital scoring system for comps. 

MiScore mobile scoring phone app is for use during competition/handicapping rounds at the Club.

We would like to encourage members to use this app for scoring, in addition to assisting in reducing the spread of the COVID-19 amongst our members, the app’s score entry functionality provides a number of features and benefits including:

Reduction in scorecard printing

Distance to the middle of the green information via GPS

Pace of play round timer

MiScore is now available to download from the ITunes for your iphone or Google Play stores for android phones. We suggest as all phones have different battery life when using this app ensure your phone is fully charged prior to play and change settings to low power mode.

For those who can’t use the app they can still use current score card system.

Overview for Members

Once downloaded you will be required to search for your club by name.

Your login details are the same as your current access to the North Ryde Golf Club’s members web site.

To start scoring you need to be registered in a competition on the day.

Score by applying a gross score value for each hole before swiping left to the next hole. Enjoy scoring features such as GPS distance measuring and a pace of play round timer. When all scores are entered, submit the player scores. Please, for the safety of yourself and any playing partners, DO NOT digitally sign each others scorecards, only the scorecard you are responsible for.

To view full instructions for members on downloading and using the app please click on image below.

Visitors competition scoring:

To start scoring visitors will need to be registered in a competition on the day with their golflink number. Visitors will also need to download the miscore app, and select the club. To login they will need to enter their golflink number and enter the password ‘changeme’

Click here to download or click to read further instructions

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