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Monday 4 May 2020

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Captains Message

I hope everyone is well and surviving this frustrating lockdown.

Hopefully, some of the restrictions may be lifted in the next few weeks and we can go back to playing in fours which will take pressure off the time sheets. I assure you that we are not the only club in this situation.

I would like to thank everyone for their following of the booking policy, the majority of the membership are complying which gives more people a chance of getting a game but there is still a minority that keep booking twice within the first hour, so I once again ask those people to please stop doing it. PLEASE STOP DOING IT!

I would like to address some misinformation going around.

  • Some people are booking twice within the first hour. Not true, we keep an eye on every sheet. Vice-Captain Ben Brown has developed a program that works out the people who have booked twice (saving many hours of work). If people are getting a second game, it is because they are coming off the wait list. I have been taking from 10 to 15 names off each sheet which gives those on the wait list a good chance of getting a game.
  • People are booking in before the sheet opens. Also, not true, I personally look at all the booking history after the sheet is full and can see who booked in and at exactly what time.
  • People with fast internet have an advantage. Unfortunately, this is true, so the Golf Committee has been discussing a trial through MiClub using their Lottery System for booking tee times. This would make it fairer for all members. More information to come.
  • Members putting in filler names and then crossing them out later and having their name swapped in. Yes, this was happening so now you cannot swap a name on the sheet, if a name is crossed out it will be replaced by someone on the wait list.
  • Public are getting more tee times than members. The data shows that members tee time is at 65% and public tee times at 35%. We always want members to get a game and do everything possible for this to happen, but we must balance that with the need of some income, especially in these times.
  • Social golf bookings, once again we are getting a small amount of members booking in more than twice in a week, I have been asked if we can suspend members that continually do it even after being told to stop. I do not like doing that and do not want to do that but if it continues, we will have to start looking at those measures.

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying their golf at the moment (although unfortunately limited) the course is in great condition and the positive out of playing in twos is rounds running between two and a half and three and a half hours.

Once again thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult time.

Good Golfing

Glenn Woodley - Captain

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