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Friday 22 May 2020

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Captains Message

Thank You

With the overwhelming demand of members to access the course either in competitions or socially over the last 8 weeks I would like to thank everybody for their following of the rules and patience for what was an exceedingly difficult time. As we are now back playing in fours, this has alleviated a lot of time sheet pressure and more members are getting a game around the time they want. Once again thank you.

Time Sheets

There have been some issues with trying to book into the competitions, Mi Club has been inundated with golfers from all over Australia booking into their own club's sheets. One night there was over 120,000 people logging on. We have been informed that Mi Club have doubled their server capacity and have split the clubs into two sections to alleviate the problem which seems to be working. Once again, I know it is frustrating but a little patience when there is a problem would be appreciated.


There are a few changes to the fixtures book due to the Corona Virus.

Members Foursomes Championships which was to start on Saturday 13th June has been postponed along with the Mixed Foursomes Championships which was to start on Sunday 28th June. New dates for these events to be advised.

The Medal of Medals and the Seniors Cup (which were postponed) will be played on Saturday 6th of June (monthly medal)

Stan Sheather Bowl qualifying (which was postponed) will be on Saturday 13th of June. 32 players to qualify. For the latest June Fixtures check members home page within our website or  Click here.

While we are having full time sheets and the reducing daylight there will be no open days or invitation days.

Pro Shop

I would like to thank Marty and his staff for all the hard work they have done over the past 8 weeks. They are in a difficult position being in the front line dealing with members and guests during this difficult period. Without the Pro Shop opening we could have been in a difficult position.

On a negative note I want to say that if members have issues or problems with what is happening with time sheets or anything happening around the club could you please address your complaints to either The Board or the General Manager. Marty and his staff do not set the conditions in which we operate, they just get on and do their job as they are requested to do. Please do not let your frustration out on the Pro Shop staff, they are just doing their job.

Good Golfing

Glenn Woodley - Captain

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Congratulations on our hole-in-one winners listed below, showing even in adverse conditions  a great game can be had.

05.02.2020           8th          Seon Woo Kim
01.03.2020           18th         John Kun Yoo
01.03.2020           10th         Kieran Loughlin
28.03.2020          18th         Colin Robinson
13.05.2020           3rd           Alister McIntosh
19.05.2020           3rd           Carmen Fife

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Thank you to our sponsors

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