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Friday 29 May 2020

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Operation Open

Firstly, I'd like to thank Members and Guests for their patience and forbearance over the past weeks as we navigated our way through serious health risks, extraordinary Course utilisation and unprecedented demands on MiClub's Booking system. Also, a special thanks to the entire Board, Management and Staff who have worked tirelessly to keep the Club operational.

However, we are not out of the woods and CoVID-19 is still a real threat. I'd remind you that it is your individual and collective responsibility to continue to do the right thing as we transition from lock-down to open. This transition, for the foreseeable future, will require frequent sanitization and hand-washing, social-distancing, the "4 square metre rule", "not well, stay away", etc.

"That said, I am happy to provide some good news today."

From Monday 1 June, the Club will, in a safe, staged manner, start to re-open with seating for approximately 30 available downstairs in the outdoor area. We expect the renovations to the new Halfway Bar to be completed by Friday with the Azalea Room opening from Saturday 6 June with 20 additional seats. Downstairs will be open 9-5 throughout June. Seating is limited to 1 hour, if people are waiting to get a seat. Members can still opt to grab a takeaway and find alternate areas on the Course.

The Restaurant opens 5:30-8:30 for Dinner (50 people max) Friday to Sunday from June 5 - bookings essential. It has been confirmed that Persons from the same Household are not required to sit 1.5m apart and can share the same food servings but social-distancing (obviously) applies to everyone else.

The upstairs Cold-room and Beer Lines upgrade is expected to be complete by 15 June with the Members' Lounge and Gaming open Wednesday-Sunday from June 17. The Lounge will be open 4:30- 8:30 for 50 people maximum and the Gaming area 5:30-7:30 for 6 people maximum.

In order for this to be both legal and successful, Your Club is required to Register all people entering the premises and employ a Marshall to ensure that the Public Health Orders are adhered to. In addition, Members and Guests will be encouraged to have their (contactless) temperature taken as a positive measure in keeping everyone safe. If you have not already done so, Your Board highly recommends that you install COVIDSafe on your Phone.

Your Board is pleased to advise that from 1 June, Members from the same Household will be able to share a Cart (this will be indicated by a "coloured tape"). Members are reminded that sharing a Cart with someone who is not from the same Household is illegal, as it breaches the Public Health Orders. Also, for the month of June, Cart hire for Competitions will be reduced to $22 for a single person - shared Carts remain at $32.

The AGM has been moved to Monday 27 July at 7pm. Nomination forms for the one vacant position of Director will be available from the Office or can be downloaded from the Website. Nominations must be received no later than Friday the 26 June.

Your Board resolved that the Ladies and Veterans AGM's would be postponed until next year or to a future safe time. Both the Ladies and Veterans Committees will remain as is until then. The Ladies Captain (having served maximum tenure) will also continue until that time. Lastly, Vets' Mondays and Ladies dual-Tees are still a few weeks off, at least until the impact of the community re-opening is better known. I'm sure you will all recognise that our safety is paramount.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Club,

Mark Mathieson - President

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Available from the BBQ


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Wayward Balls

We would like to remind our members the importance of reporting a ball that you have hit over the fence.  Your reporting of this enables the club to claim with our insurance company. Without this the club then has to pay for the repair themselves. There are no ramifications to you as a player to own up to this, however the help it provides to the club is enormous.

If you do hit the ball over the fence, or think you might of, please report this to the pro shop on the day or email through to the club at office@northrydegolfclub.com.au with time and date. If the club is then notified of any damage arising from this we will make contact with you to sign a form.

We thank you for your co-operation.

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Miscore App Reminders

MiScore mobile scoring phone app is for use during competition/handicapping rounds at the Club. 

If using Miscore app - keep in mind it only submits the person's score you are scoring for not your own. Ensure you are both using the app or the other player scoring for you submits a score card.

We suggest as all phones have different battery life, so when using this app ensure your phone is fully charged prior to play and change settings to low power mode.


Woops - since last weeks newsletter it has come to light that we have had more hole-in-ones than we knew, so don't forget to let us know so we can celebrate your achievement.

Thank you to our sponsors

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