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Friday 5 June 2020

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Captain's Message

It is great to see some of the Covid 19 restrictions being relaxed and parts of the club beginning to open but unfortunately the pressure on accessing the time sheets is still with us. I have seen communications to the club and myself saying that we are doing nothing and do not care if members are missing a game this couldn't be further from the truth. I see it as one of my main jobs as Captain to try and get as many members a game as possible and take it personally when people are disappointed. We are not the only club experiencing this problem. There is a high demand for golf at the moment and with shortening days through winter it is making it extremely difficult to get a game. So, to try and relieve the problem, we The Board are going to bring back a few restrictions to hopefully even up the games in competition times and free up the time sheets.

The Vets competition will begin again on Monday 22nd of June, from 8:30am - 12:00pm. We will run a Vets competition every week until things get back to normal.

Members playing weekly in the Vets and on Wednesdays hopefully would leave the weekend comps to the members that work during the week and can only play on the weekend.

Members who play on the weekend will have to chose between Saturday or Sunday as you will only be allowed to play once on the weekend in the competitions.

Lady members who play on the Tuesday and Thursday should consider not playing on Sundays to give weekend Ladies a chance for a game.

I need all members to help me with this, I don't want to make restrictions and have to police them, and I don't want to police them, but I really need you all to think about those members who are missing out each week.

These conditions will start on the week beginning Monday 15th of June, with the First Vets comp on Monday 22nd of June.

I would like to make note that there are a lot  of spots available in our membership, we have around 30 people on a wait list to become a member, but the board have closed the membership until the time sheet access problem is relieved.

On another note it has been bought to my attention that players are having a few issues with the My Club Scoring App. Please see below some information on the App and a link to an instruction video.

Good Golfing

Glenn Woodley - Captain

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Miscore App Reminders

MiScore mobile scoring phone app is for use during competition/handicapping rounds at the Club. 

If using Miscore app - keep in mind it only submits the person's score you are scoring for not your own. Ensure you are both using the app or the other player scoring for you submits a score card.

We suggest as all phones have different battery life, so when using this app ensure your phone is fully charged prior to play and change settings to low power mode.

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Welcome back!

We are excited as our first in-club diners are welcomed back to the club this evening with this and our staggered opening there are a few essential conditions for venues reopening.  Essential  is that 1.5 metre social distancing is followed and that members and guests density is no more than one person per four square metres so you will see a few differences as we step by step open up to keep you all safe.

  • We will be actively promoting social distancing at all times.
  • We are ensuring a high level of cleanliness and sanitising especially the high touch areas.  All staff are completing Covid-19 training.
  • Government regulations  now require all members & guests to sign in for contract tracing.

Our trading and operations ensuring a CovidSAFE environment will be a little different to how we have traded in the past and we know that out members will support us in upholding these standards for everyone's safety. 


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