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Wednesday 24 June 2020

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How it Works

Members can join the Lottery draw up to 30 minutes prior to the opening of the timesheet and will be allocated a ticket with a position number when the countdown timer reaches zero at 6pm. 

The 'Lottery' will send the first 5 members into the timesheet to make a booking, all others will get a ticket (a number) in the queue to enter the timesheet lottery.  This may add 15 to 20 seconds to the booking experience. Once the lottery is complete and the timesheet is full, if you have not got on, then your ticket will expire and then you can click onto the waitlist for your waitlist spot. Remember to cancel a game if you cannot attend for any reason.

  • Each Player can book their group of four
  • You can only login on one device or one browser (If you try doing more than one it will lock you out all together)

If using your mobile or NRGC mobile app - when you click onto bookings select the date, then select Details to access lottery timesheet (see image below ).


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If using your PC - when you click onto bookings select Red Count Down Clock (Next to your competition date) to enter lottery draw  (see images below ).

1. Member enters draw

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2. Member waiting for timesheet to open

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3. Timesheet opens and is first in line with ticket

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4. Timesheet opens and is fourth in line with ticket

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Any queries please email office@northrydegolfclub.com.au

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Thank you to our sponsors

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