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Friday 17 July 2020


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Course Update

As a result of recent rainfall, a number of areas have been identified as requiring some drainage work to be undertaken, one area in front of the 17th green has been recently completed and working well after this week's rain, other areas will be attended to as soon as possible. Over the past 2 weeks the course has received a total of 23mm which fell over 9 days, while not a huge amount, it's the frequency which causes the problems and not allowing the ground to dry.

With the wet winter that we are experiencing to keep the grounds at their best, I ask all members to be very aware and careful where carts are being driven and also walking in or around damp areas as they can become very slippery.

Ron Duffy - Course Superintendent 

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MiScore App Update

North Ryde Golf Club has enabled self-score submission in the MiScore app!

This feature will not significantly change the current process of scoring for yourself and your playing partner. However, at the end of the round, after you have confirmed your scores are correct, you will submit your own score instead of your playing partner's.

Verbal approval from your playing partner is required prior to submitting your score. To avoid physical contact, you can initial the signature field for your playing partner with their approval. The competition system will then receive your score and a copy of the score that you recorded for your playing partner. Should your playing partner be using a paper scorecard, they will score as normal. If you have not downloaded the App or need a refresher on how to use see the links below.

*Login to the MiScore app using your member login for your Club website. 

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Mixed Vet's August 6

Due to various difficulties caused by Covid-19, reluctantly the decision has been made by both the Ladies and Men's Veterans Committees to cancel this event for 2020.  In no particular order of importance, the reasons for making this decision are that we were faced with catering difficulties after the game, no presentations being possible and the Ladies Veterans Committee having already decided to abandon their schedule of 2020 events.

We apologise for this cancellation and whilst nothing is certain in this era of the coronavirus pandemic, we trust that in 12 months' time we will be able, once again, to enjoy this special Mixed Vets Event.

Marlene Peters  - Ladies Veterans Captain                Scott Beatty - Men's Veterans Captain           

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COVID-19 Update 

While things start to return to the new normal here at North Ryde Golf Club there are just a few things due to ongoing COVID-19 issues in Melbourne we would like to remind our members and guests.

  • Max of  10 - group seating 
  • One person per cart policy with current discounts extends until 31st of July 
  • All presentations have been suspended until further notice
  • Social distancing 1.5 metres out on the course or while using our clubhouse facilities
  • Please remain seated after you have made your order while in the clubhouse
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Standout Events

JULY 18 Sat - Stan Sheather Bowl Final
July 27 Mon - AGM at 7pm

Thank you to our sponsors

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