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Friday 2 October 2020

  • Mixed Foursomes "Bubbles"
  • Daylight Savings - This Weekend
  • Ladies Update - Captain's v President's Day, Melbourne Cup & Hole in One x 2!!
  • MiScore App - No Need to Subscribe when Playing at Your Home Club NRGC
  • Vet's News - Vet's Championships & Hams Day
  • Lady Veterans - 2020 to 2021 update
  • Joke of the Week 

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Not all Hero's Wear Capes

Most of our members have seen over the years the little duckling that brave our course with their Mum & Dad in tow. For those that haven't here is a cute picture for you ... awe

Last Friday these little cuties got themselves into a little trouble.  Never fear our Finance Manager is here!!  Anthony ably assisted by Keiran Allcott braved the wind and the rain to rescue these ducklings from the drain, between the two of them they managed to reunite most of the family.  With one very happy Mumma Duck, Anthony has gained himself a hero status in the office.

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Mixed Foursomes "Bubbles"

This Sunday sees the first round of the Mixed Foursomes (aka Mixed Gruesomes).  Traditionally, this has started with a glass of Champagne - probably to steel the nerves! Some (sensible!) couples don't play with their partners on this day; staving off the almost inevitable divorce towards the end of the round.

To celebrate the occasion, the Chain of Fire "Bubbly" will be generously discounted at $13.80 a Bottle.  Don't forget you need to be early as the clocks go forward on Saturday night.  Enjoy the sunshine and sparkles this long weekend!

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Ladies Update

Regarding upcoming ladies' Tuesday events Captain's v President's Day will go ahead as scheduled on Tuesday 13th October. Usually the winning side all receive a small gift. This year the winning side will all be allocated a ball. The change to a single tee on Tuesdays means that we will be able to accommodate everyone who wants a game in the first two rounds of the Club Championships whether they wish to qualify for the final rounds or not. 

On Melbourne Cup day the Club is holding a function and there will be special provision for the ladies. Please contact Donna Linnegar if you are interested and she can give you more information. For golf on that day we will run two competitions, a normal 18 hole competition off the 1st tee and a 9 hole competition off the 10th for ladies who wish to attend the function in the clubhouse.

I would like to stress the importance of checking your score carefully and confirming the score with your marker before submitting, whether you are using the MiScore app or a card. There have been some very obvious errors picked up recently because of impossible holes in one or scores recorded on a hole which was out of play. These have resulted in disqualification. These errors are obvious but suggest that other incorrect scores are being put through. It is the responsibility of player and marker to make sure that the correct score is submitted. Submitting a score better than that achieved will result in disqualification.

Finally, congratulations to Helen Lee for achieving two holes in one in a week on the third hole. The first was in a competition round on 22nd September and she did it again in a social round on 28th September. Quite an achievement.

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No Need to Subscribe when Playing at Your Home Club NRGC

Dear Members, You may have received a message from MiClub through the week.  Just to take away any possible confusion, as part of your membership at North Ryde Golf Club, the Club subscribes to MiScore on your behalf.  

Unless members wish to play and use the App at another club or clubs, there is no need for you to pay the $16.50 MiScore App subscription fee. 

Please call or e-mail the office if you require further explanation.

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Vet's News

We wish to remind Members that the Vet's Championships begin on Monday 26th October with the 2nd Round being held the following Monday, namely 2nd November.  It is a Stroke event which we trust will not deter any Members from entering.

With regard to our Hams Day, come 14th December you will find on the Notice Board, an up to date listing of the number of games each player has recorded up to and including our last game on 28th September.  You will recall that this year, to receive a ham, Members must have played at least 17 Vets games prior to Hams Day and since our first 2020 game on 20th January.  The 17-game minimum will be reduced should we lose any future games due to course closures for whatever reason.  The Committee will keep you informed should this occur.  As at the time of printing, the number of games remaining and contributing to Members' qualifying for a ham, is 9.

Scott Beatty - Captain

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Lady Veterans

Due to the Coronavirus the Lady Veteran's Committee decided to abandon all Veteran Events for 2020. Ladies who have paid their fees for 2020 will have them transferred to 2021. 

To our new Lady Members who would like to join the NSW Lady Veterans and or the North Ryde Lady Veterans, please ask for an application form as we need your details. 

To our new Lady Members who have transferred from another club and wish to make North Ryde their home club, we need your details on an application form. 

Please see Marlene Peters (Delegate) or Cheryl Ward for further details. Forms may be found in the Veterans Events Folder on the right-hand end of the bench in the Ladies locker room. 

Cost to join the NSW Lady Veterans is $17 (which is paid only once) 

Cost to join the North Ryde Lady Veterans is $22 per year 

Hopefully 2021 will see our golfing events back to normal, so stay safe. 

Marlene Peters
 - Delegate 
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Standout Events

October 3 Sat - Members Foursomes Championships Final Round 9 pairs in each grade 

October 4 Sun - Mixed Foursomes Championships Round 1, 12 pairs with lowest scratch score to qualify for final round

October 11 Sun - Mixed Foursomes Championships Final Round 

October 13 Tue - Captains v Presidents 2 Ball Team Stableford 

October 20 Tue - Ladies Championships (Div 1 - 4) Round 1 

Thank you to our sponsors

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