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Friday 23 October 2020

  • Finance News - FTAA
  • Book your Melbourne Cup Table 
  • Ladies Update - Club Championships, Pace of Play & Melbourne Cup
  • Good luck to all Playing in upcoming Club Championships
  • Be Enlightened - Candles & More
  • Golf NSW October Golf Quiz - Test your Golf Knowledge 
  • Updated Opening Hours 
  • Joke of the Week 
  • Standout Events 

Finance News (FTAA)

Hello fellow members, 2020 will be a remembered as a year to forget but also a year which has provided a boom to the golfing community.   With so many golfers working from home or on job keeper, the impact at our club has been two-fold.   A strong resurgence in members and social's playing golf and the opportunity to get on top of our financial position to prepare the club for the future.

Over the past 6 months, the club qualified for job keeper.  This covered approximately 80% of club and golf wages.   This also provided ......

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Ladies Update

Club Championships:
The leaderboard after round 1 is up in the locker room with those wishing to qualify highlighted. Please check. Remember that, if you are drawn for the final rounds and cancel without good reason you will be suspended for three weeks. Of course, any COVID related reason is valid and you must not play if you have any symptoms, have been in a COVID hotspot or in contact with a case.

Pace of Play:
Please keep up with the group in front.  Looking at the Tuesday pace of play reports for the last couple of weeks it is clear that the field gradually slows. If you are teeing off 7 minutes behind the group in front you should be finishing about 7 minutes behind them. Most groups are finishing 10-13 minutes behind the group in front. Even an extra 3 minutes for each group adds up to 90 minutes after 30 groups meaning 5 hour plus rounds for those at the back of the field. Letters will be sent to players who do not meet the Club's Pace of Play Policy.

Remember that you are required to report to the Pro Shop 15 minutes before your tee time. If there are cancellations you may need to start earlier and you need to allow plenty of time to ensure that you are ready to tee off after the group in front.

Melbourne Cup Day:
There are too few players interested in a 9-hole competition so we will have our usual 18-hole competition with early spots reserved for those attending the function in the clubhouse. If you want to attend the function and have not already done so let Donna Linnegar know in the next few days. The competition will be an Irish Team stableford, best two scores to count on each hole.

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This Tuesday
Be Enlightened Candles and More

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking of the gift giving season.  Or perhaps a sneaky little gift for yourself?  Be Enlightened brings to the Clubhouse on Tuesday October 27 Candles and Soy Melts, Diffusers, Room Sprays, Hand Creams & Soaps, and more.

The Azealia Room will smell like it has never smelt before.  Ladies come and look at the beautiful array of products on offer.  Men come and look what to buy for your ladies. 

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Golf NSW Oct. Quiz

Test your golf knowledge and do this months Golf Quiz.  Reference publications used are the "Player's Edition of the Rules of Golf".  This reference material is available online at the R&A web site www.randa.org/en/rog/2019/pages/the-rules-of-golf or through the smart phone app, "Rules of Golf 2019", that can be downloaded from your app store.  You will receive your result with answers at the end of the quiz. Click the Start button to commence. Good luck. 

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Fred and Harry were playing their usual weekend match on the links at Royal Sydney and were annoyed by an unusually slow twosome in front of them. 

One of them was seen to be mooching around on the fairway while the other was searching distractedly in the rough.

"Hey," shouted Fred, "why don't you help your friend find his bloody ball?"

"He's got his bloody ball," came the reply. "It's his bloody club he's looking for."

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Standout Events

October 24 Sat - Club Championships Round 1 - A, A Reserve, B, C & D Grades & Juniors

October 27 Tue - Ladies Championships (Div 1 - 4) Round 2 

October 31 Sat - Club Championships Round 2 - A, A Reserve, B, C & D Grades & Juniors 

November 1 Sun - Ladies Championships (Div 1 - 4) Round 3 

November 3 Tue - Melbourne Cup Lunch BOOK NOW!

Thank you to our sponsors

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