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Friday 30 October 2020

  • November Count Down - check out what's happening in the Club!
  • Last Bookings - Melbourne Cup Table 
  • Club Championships 
  • Vets Championships - Subscriptions due for NSWVGA programme
  • Be Enlightened Candles New Date
  • Sate of Origin - Wed 4 Late Closing
  • New Sign-In Machine 
  • Dragon on the Green Restaurant now Open Friday Lunchtimes!
  • Joke of the Week 
  • Standout Events 

November Count Down

Melbourne Cup
Christmas starts on the first Tuesday of November, right? If you do not believe me, visit your local Shopping Mall! Before that, however, is the Melbourne Cup and it is not too late to get a table at the Club which includes a Dragon on the Green Banquet, Drinks option, TAB and lots more.

Club Person of the Year
Congratulations to our 4 Nominees: Gordon Edwards, Joan Flaherty, Jacky Parsons and Phil Town. Voting will open .......

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October and November welcome in the Club Championships Competition for all our members. Members please click the link below to member's web page to view the leader boards as of today for Men's, Junior's & Ladies Club Championships rounds.  

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2020 Vets Championships

As you are all aware, the 1st Round of our Championships last Monday was disrupted by very poor weather, not sufficient to close the course but enough to reduce the field from 120 players to just 18.  All of those 18 players were from Divisions 1 and 2. Regrettably, there were none from Division 3.  Significant discussion ensued amongst the Committee and some Members as to how the winners could be determined as our Championships are conducted over 2 Stroke Rounds, such being one of our problems. The second problem being that no Division 3 players turned up.  Fortunately, our Club Captain Glenn Woodley has provided us with the answers.

Firstly, it must be recognised that the 1st Round scores of those 18 players must stand.  With that as a given, the 2nd Round on 2nd November will consist of 2 sections:-

1.      For those 18 players who completed the 1st Round, they will be playing their 2nd Round and the winners of Divisions 1 and 2 will come from just those 18 players.  The remainder of players in these 2 Divisions, will play an independent Stableford game with just a Single Stableford winner's prize being given plus ball run down.

2.      For Division 3 players, winners of this Division will be determined from this one Stroke Round.

We recognise that whatever decision is made as to how this disrupted Championship should be amended will not satisfy everyone, however your Committee fully endorses the Club Captain's recommended solution and we thank him very much for his input.  Fingers crossed for a fine day come Monday.

We wish to advise that those who wish to participate in the NSWVGA programme for the coming 2021 year, your subscription of $5.50 is now due.  Please see Charles Kinder to register.

Scott Beatty - Captain

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Be Enlightened Candles New Date

As promised we have a new date for "Be Enlightened" to be with us in the Clubhouse, Tuesday November 10 with their Candles and Soy Melts, Diffusers, Room Sprays, Hand Creams & Soaps, and more. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, so now is the time to start thinking of the gift giving season.  Or perhaps a little gift for yourself?  

The Azealia Room will smell like it has never smelt before.  Ladies come and look at the beautiful array of products on offer.  Men come and look what to buy for your ladies. 

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Tommy Turtle

With a week of wet cold weather, you could be forgiven for not realising it is October.  But the sun appeared on Friday morning and many a keen Golfer seized the opportunity.  

The Golfers were not the only one's enjoying the lovely sunshine on the course. See one of our friendly local wildlife visiting our dams.

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New Sign-In Machine 

The Board and Management are delighted to announce the Club has commenced installing two new sign-in machines which will make it easier and more transparent for members and visitors to sign in at the Club and to comply with Government COVID Safety and Licencing requirements. 

The first machine is located at the Main Entrance and it accepts either your member's card or licence in either physical or electronic format. 

The installation of the second machine in the Pro Shop will be completed early next week.

Please ask staff if you require any assistance. 

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Rob and Steve, long-time mates and rivals of equal golfing ability, agree this day they will "play it as it lays" on all shots.

Both hit magnificent tee shots off the first, a par-4.  They smash it down the middle for 250m and pat each other on the back.  They jump in the cart and drive to their balls to make the second shot. 

Rob capitalises on his first shot, hitting straight down the middle for an easy lay-up.  Unfortunately, Steve slices his shot over the trees and it ends up in the middle of the concrete pathway running alongside of the adjoining hole.  "Guess I get a free drop from the cart path" he says.  "Oh no," says Rob, "We agreed. Play it as it lays."  So, Steve drives Rob up to his ball in front of the green, drops him off and drives over to his ball on the pathway.

Rob watches in amusement as sparks shower down from the practice swings of his opponent, then, in amazement as a perfectly struck shot lands on the green and roles to within a couple of metres of the pin.

Steve drives the cart to the back of the green.  Rob, still amazed asks, "Great shot mate, what club did you use?"

"Your six iron!"

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Standout Events

October 31 Sat - Club Championships Round 2 - A, A Reserve, B, C & D Grades 

November 1 Sun - Ladies Championships (Div 1 - 4) Round 3 

November 2 Mon - Vets Championships

November 3 Tue - Melbourne Cup Lunch BOOK NOW!

November 7 Sat - Club Championships Round 3

November 7 Sat - Junior Championships Final Round (Boys & Girls)

November 8 Sun - Mens & Ladies Final Round Club Championships

Thank you to our sponsors

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