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Friday 8 January 2021

  • Happy New Year - Report from Club President
  • Friday Night Raffle - Back Friday 15 January
  • What is the Penalty - Ladies Captain Update
  • Junior Open January 14 - Entries Close January 11
  • Amateur Cup  January 16 - Entries Close January 14
  • Vet's News - Update 2021 program 
  • 2021 What a Contrast - Rain and Rain
  • Members Fixtures Books 2021 available
  • Joke of the Week
  • New Mask Covid-19 Requirements

May I start the first edition of the 19th News this year by thanking all Members for their patience and forbearance over a very difficult period.

Your loyalty and support of the Club, fellow Members and the Community is a credit to you all.

Happy New Year!

2021; I am going to coin it early - the "Year of the Vaccination"! Let us hope that it brings normality and that we can again laugh and cheer, standing up with a quenching drink, after a game of Golf! On behalf of Your Board,....

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What is the Penalty?

There was an instance this week where player A's ball went into the bushes and player B held back the branches to allow player A to play the ball, thus improving the conditions of play.  Is this allowed? What is the rule that covers this and what penalty should be applied, if any, and to whom?

Answer:  This is covered by Rule 8.3 - Players Deliberate Actions to alter physical conditions.

Penalty Rule 8.3/1:   Both Players Are Penalised if Physical Conditions Are Improved with the Other Player's Knowledge.

If a player asks, authorises or allows another player to deliberately alter physical conditions to improve  (To alter one or more of the conditions affecting the stroke or other physical conditions affecting play so that a player gains a potential advantage for a stroke.) his or her play:

The player acting on the request will get the general penalty  (Loss of hole in match play or two penalty strokes in stroke play) under Rule 8.3, and

·The player who requests, authorises or allows the improvement will also get the general penalty  under either Rule 8.1 (Player's Actions That Improve Conditions Affecting the Stroke) or 8.2 (Player's Deliberate Actions to Alter Other Physical Conditions to Affect the Player's Own Ball at Rest or Stroke to Be Made), whichever applies.


Barbara Evennett - Ladies Captain

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Vet's News

A Happy New Year to you all and your Committee trusts that you had an excellent Christmas.  Not easy with all the restrictions applying.

This edition is basically a brief reminder of the information provided to you in the final 19th News prior to Christmas.  The condensed points are:-

  1. Our first game for 2021 is January 11.  Nice to see a full sheet already.
  2. We are returning to fortnightly games starting at 7.00 a.m.
  3. Revised Handicaps will apply for each Division i.e. :
    Division 1 - 0/18  Division 2 - 19/24  Division 3 - 25/36

Finally, the new Events being introduced to the Vets programme this year, are a 2 Ball Aggregate Team and Single Stableford, and a 2 Ball Team and Single Stableford (Cross Over), the latter costing $1 extra as each player has the chance of winning 3 balls rather than 1 ball.  If you play Wednesdays and/or Saturdays, you will recognise both Events.  Our first-up game is a 2 Ball Aggregate Team and Single Stableford Event.  The new Fixtures Book indicates which Event is being played each fortnight.

Your Committee wishes you all good health and happiness plus enjoyable golfing throughout this year.

Scott Beatty – Captain

Saturday Office Hours

From Saturday January 9 the Club Reception will be open from 10am - 3pm

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2021 What a Contrast

What a contrast 2021 has brought in weather to Sydney, there is no other way to look at it, everything's all a bit wet and soggy! Overall, the rainfall amounts have not been extraordinary, but very, very consistent over the 22 days from December 1 to January 7 there has been 152 mm of rain.

Seven consecutive rain days have not occurred at Sydney's official weather station at Observatory Hill in December or January for over six years but as of today Friday January 8, it has rained in Sydney on 21 out of the last 25 days.

A few additional stats provide by Ron our Superintendent:

2019 total rainfall was 822mm,  2020 in the end we had 1326mm,  2021 YTD we have had 37mm.

This time last year our dams were empty with the club having to buy water at a great cost just to keep our greens and tees alive.

While the sun may have gone on a temporary holiday, remember "It's better than 45 degree heat and bushfire smoke" that we all remember from last year. While these conditions make for some very soggy rounds for our golfers, the soaking rain prevents bushfires, let's take that as a blessing.

Our course has certainly never looked greener!

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Standout Events

January 11  Mon - First Vet's Day for 2021

January 12 Tue - Ladies Summer Cup Round 5

January 14 Thurs - North Ryde Junior Open

January 16 Sat - North Ryde Amateur Cup & Amateur Shield

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