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Friday 13 August 2021

  • Olympic Golf Hope
  • Clarification on Member's Bookings
  • Dragon on the Green - Grab & Go Dinner
  • Course - Winter Work
  • Vale to Margaret Burke
  • COVID-19 Playing Rules
  • 10km and 5km radius links
  • Joke of the week

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Olympic Golf Hope

With one of our most successful medal hauls in Australia's Olympic history, in the last days of the Olympics many Australians were willing our Golfers home for a medal.  While not successful, they certainly have inspired many.  I was reminded again of Hannah Green's performance in the women's final round (just missing out on a Bronze Medal) by a message on a local primary school notice board 

"Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but how well you bounce." - Vivian Komori. 

This quote certainly typifies Hannah Green's performance in the women's Golf finals where she said, "Whatever you do, make sure you're enjoying yourself and I think that's why I played better on the back nine because I looked at the bigger picture and saw where I was - playing in the Olympics for my first time", this was her bounce.  All our Olympians will have had to keep bouncing back at some stage in their careers.

We may not be playing at the Olympics but maybe now is the time to take stock of the good things we have, don't focus on what we can't control but enjoy this amazing weather, the opportunity to play a game of Golf, maybe it's just a walk around the local block, watching a movie that makes us laugh or playing a board game, make the most of what we have and let's get our bounce back skills in place for when things return to normal.

Remember it's all about the bounce!

Check out Golf Australia's full story on Hannah Green's Olympic  Medal bid here.

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Clarification -
Member's Bookings

Each week Members may book:

  • One competition game when the sheet first opens, either midweek or weekend
  • A second competition game booked 30 minutes after the opening of the sheet or coming in off the waitlist.  This second game is not 30 minutes after lottery queue starts but 30 minutes after the timesheet opens and you are given your lottery number. Thus, for time sheets that open at 6 you do not book your second game until 6:30; for time sheets that open at 5 you do not book it until 5:30.
  • You can only play 1 day on the weekend
  • From 5pm the day before the competition, if there are any available spots, the member can book in that position and it will not count towards your two games
  • A Member shall not play more than 3 competition games in a week
  • A maximum of 2 social rounds
  • The week begins on a Monday

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Course - Winter Work

The past month has been very productive as we draw close to the end of our winter projects. The weather has been helpful in allowing many of the below jobs to be completed, improving these numerous areas.

Low hanging branches that interfere with the golf carts and rough cutters have been removed to improve safety.

Many heavily shaded areas have been opened up to allow for more sun, these have also been rotary hoed to relieve compaction with new turf laid. These areas include:

  • The large bare area on the top right hand side of the 11th fairway in the rough.
  • The beginning of the pathway area leading to the 17th tee.
  • The right hand side of the 6th green surrounds and the rough.

Adjacent to the practice nets, the rose garden has had the edging and overall shape corrected to improve the appearance.

Installation of new COVID safe putting cup rings on all greens.

Garden mulching added to our many course gardens.

11th tee path has been re-graded and new decomposed granite spread and compacted.

We hope that the weather will continue to be conducive in helping us to continue with our ongoing maintenance and improvement program.

Ron Duffy - Superintendent

Vale to Margaret Burke

Margaret Burke sadly passed away Thursday morning 12 August.  She was a member of North Ryde Golf Club for 36 years.  Margaret will be remembered as a lively, cheerful character much treasured by her family and friends.

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COVID-19 Playing Rules 

Dear players, please remember once you have completed your game you need to leave the course, this includes the car park immediately. You cannot socialise and chat with other golfers. We have been notified that police are monitoring golf car parks and issuing fines. We ask that everyone bunkers down and follows the current requirements so we can be back welcoming you into our venues. We are certainly looking forward to that day happening!

We want to reassure our membership that we are doing everything for our venues to remain COVID safe and will continue following every government direction to remain this way. 

  • Golfers must live within 10km radius of the Club to be able to play or if in the Parramatta LGA must live within 5km radius;
  • No customers allowed in the Pro Shop;
  • All Players to sign in at entrance of the Pro Shop under NSW Government requirements using the QR Code;
  • Wear a mask: when signing in, awaiting tee off, on practice greens, at practice nets, ordering and collecting take away, on entering the Club to use toilets or locker rooms;
  • Do not touch flags but remove ball from golf cup with minimal contact;
  • No rakes, so preferred lies apply;
  • Sand buckets not to be shared and to be left at the side of 18th for sanitising;
  • Carts not to be shared unless members of the same household;
  • Only touch your own bag and clubs;
  • Only touch partner's score card (you score for your partner);
  • Remember to sanitise hands when you can;
  • 1.5 social distance where ever possible;
  • Once you have finished your game you must leave the course immediately;

Keep abreast of what is happening through the Club's website, our 19TH NEWS and the Club's App in notifications.  Please read signage placed around the course to ensure you are aware of all conditions of play. 

If unsure of your distance from the Golf Club re: COVID-19 exercise rules please click on the 10km and 5km links to our website.

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Clucking Mad

A golfer sliced a ball into a field of chickens, striking one of the hens and killing it instantly. He was understandably upset, and sought out the farmer. "I'm sorry," he said, "my terrible tee shot hit one of your hens and killed it. Can I replace the hen?"

"I don't know about that," replied the farmer, mulling it over. "How many eggs a day do you lay?"

Upcoming Events

Please note due to current COVID-19 restrictions the timesheets will change to 2 player Single Stableford competitions until restrictions are lifted. 

Click here for latest COVID update in the Club

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