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Friday 27 August 2021

  • Course Renovations Mon 6 and Tue 7 September
  • COVID Vaccinations
  • Working towards Better Course Utilisation 
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  • Update - Reciprocals
  • Gordon Golf Club - Reciprocal Rights
  • Players 5km radius North Ryde Golf Club
  • Halfway Bar Cakes & Dragon on the Green Takeaway Opening Hours
  • Rule Refresher

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Course Renovations

With the beginning of Spring, it's time once again for our scheduled course renovations, these will take place in just over a weeks' time - Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 September. 

In addition to the normal greens renovations which includes coring, scarifying and top dressing our fairways will also be cored. 

While this process may cause the fairways and surrounds to be a bit rough in the short term, moving forward we will see the benefits in the coming months as the temperature rises and the turf starts to respond to the treatments it has received.

Coinciding with the two days of course closure, the club has taken the opportunity to upgrade some of the deterioration to the carpark surface in the main carpark.  Please don't leave your car at the club as you will not have access to it during this time.

Ron Duffy - Superintendent

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COVID Vaccinations

All members of your Board and most staff, including Dragon On The Green staff, are either booked in for vaccinations, partially or fully vaccinated.

Your Board and Management therefore wholeheartedly support, endorse and indeed encourage all members to get vaccinated.  We recognise that there will be some members that will be unable to get vaccinated but in the majority, the sooner we all get vaccinated, the sooner we can all return to normal!  Off the back of the Thursday announcement by the Premier, which permits people who have received both first and second shots to gather in groups of up to five from 13/9, we are working through the potential of updating golf playing numbers and will communicate any possible updates as soon as they come to hand. 

In preparation for potential changes, where we would like to begin to again play in four's, we would request all current playing members to make an appointment with the office to have the certificates of vaccination verified.  This will enable us to allocate vaccinated members to play together for their safety. Naturally all your personal information will continue to remain confidential and will only be used internally to allocate you onto the appropriate timesheets. Please email or call us if you have any queries.

e-mail : office@northrydegolfclub.com.au     phone: 9887 4422

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Working towards Better Course Utilisation for our Members

We are in the process of installing a new course monitoring system, Verifeye by On Pin, which will enable us to deliver better course utilisation.

This means more rounds through a more thorough understanding of components like cart rotation, course usage and playing times through comparing between days and rounds.


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Update - Reciprocals

Dear Playing Members, it's been another huge week facilitating games for our many members keen to take up reciprocal offers, which we have been fortunate to negotiate from the Golf Clubs that fall within their respective LGA's or a 5km radius of their home as listed:

Concord, Pennant Hills, Monash, Pymble, Ryde-Parramatta, Asquith, Killara and Avondale.

*To register your interest for games at the above clubs please contact Graham at the office via e-mail at gm@northrydegolfclub.com.au. Graham is working to accommodate your request with the small number of spots given by each club.  You may need to wait a week or so but we will endeavour to get you a game. Please note that if you request a game and we confirm, you won't be able to change the day or time to better suit your personal itinerary at a later point - these tee time spots being offered are fixed spaces from the respective Clubs  - please do not contact the reciprocal clubs directly.

The above clubs have their own protocols which we acknowledge and like North Ryde, each of the reciprocal clubs will be undertaking course renovations so some of the time swaps haven't commenced until this coming Monday 30 August.

We are still working towards entering into additional reciprocal arrangements with more clubs. Please see below a new addition to the above list from Gordon Golf Club offering a slightly different booking arrangement.

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Gordon Golf Club 

Gordon Golf Club is now also offering limited spots in their Thursday and Saturday competitions for North Ryde Playing Members who reside within the Ku-Ring-Gai LGA. 

**These competitions will be open to visitors at 9:00am on the morning prior. Unlike the other reciprocal clubs, Gordon has asked that those playing Members who meet the above requirements book directly by calling their Pro Shop on 9498 1277.

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If unsure of your distance from the Golf Club re: 5km rule click through to our 5km page.

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Upcoming Events

Please note due to current COVID-19 restrictions the timesheets will continue with 2 player Single Stableford competitions until restrictions are lifted. 

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Rules 18 - Ball Lost or Out of Bounds & Provisional Ball

  • If your ball is lost outside a Water Hazard or Out of Bounds you must play another ball from the spot where the last shot was played, under penalty of one stroke. 
  • You are allowed 3 minutes to search for a ball. If it is not found within 3 minutes it is lost. 
  • If you think your ball may be lost outside a Water Hazard or Out of Bounds you should play a Provisional Ball
  • You must state that it is a Provisional Ball and play it before you go forward to search for the original ball.  
  • If the original ball is lost or out of bounds, you must continue with the provisional ball, under penalty of one stroke.
  • If the original ball is found in bounds, you must continue play of the hole with it, and must stop playing the provisional ball. 
DIAGRAM SHOWS: A player’s original ball played from the teeing area may be lost in a bush, so the player announces and plays a provisional ball and it comes to rest at point A.  As point A is farther from the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be, the player may play the provisional ball from point A without it losing its status as a provisional ball.  The player plays the provisional ball from point A to point B.  As point B is nearer the hole than where the original ball is estimated to be, if the player plays the provisional ball from point B, the provisional ball becomes the ball in play under penalty of stroke and distance.

For a quick brush up on golf rules members can access the Members Induction Document (p.38 onwards) on the Members section of the website under Golf Documents or follow this link

Click here for latest COVID update in the Club

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