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Friday 4 March 2022

  • A Message from our Vice President  
  •  Saturday Autumn Carnival Racing - Starts this weekend plus Happy Hour 12noon -5pm 
  •  Course Report 
  • Tonight WIN $2050 Cash or a Meat Tray or Both!
  •  1951 A Very Good Vintage
  • Pro-Shop Prize Money & Golf Balls 
  •  TRIVIA Wednesday Nights - Thursday Night Dinner Schnitzel & Drink $15
  •  Collect Your Bag Tags 
  • Course Closed Fri 4 - Sun 6 March - check website daily for updates.

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A Message from our Vice President 

Hello to all my NRGC family. Between Christmas Holidays, constant changes in COVID 19 procedures and regulations to deal with, it has been sometime since I've had a chance to catch up.

Looks like we are all back to a new normal at least. The Board, in concert with Management and the Restaurant, have made some changes that have been embraced by members and visitors alike. The result being a better atmosphere, leading to more patronage in the Club, which in turn has seen good results in Bar and Restaurant revenues.

We still have some way to go to match pre-Covid numbers in the Club but with the resurgence in golf, along with initiatives taken to encourage people from the golf course into the Club house, it's definitely driving much of the improvement. I can't stress enough the importance of supporting the Club, not only does it help the Board and Management strive for better Member services and facilities in the Club, it's also the catalyst for the continuing .........

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This Saturday Join Us!

Saturday marks the start of the Autumn Carnival Racing Season, come watch on the BIG screens, sit back and relax out of the rain. Saturday Happy Hour is back from 12 noon to 5pm, play some cards (decks behind the bar), enjoy this Saturdays wet weather pie & chips special for only $8 (no further discounts apply) or one of the many other fabulous meals from the Dragon on the Green.

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Course Report

'What a Week' Over the past 7 days the golf course has received a massive 195mm of rain making the course unplayable and equally important, not being able to be properly maintained in any way. The ground is saturated and extremely soft, just walking anywhere leaves muddy footprints. You could just imagine what 250 golfers in one day would do to the course.

Fortunately, at the moment we have been able to still cut the greens, tees and green surrounds but that's it.  Moving forward, fairway mowing and cutting the roughs will not be possible for at least 7-10 days because the ground is just too soft and wet. The roughs in particular will become extremely long.

Looking at the forecast about 10 days ago, I decided to apply a heavier than normal growth retardant application on the fairways and tees in the hope that if this wet spell was longer than predicted, the growth will be minimised and look what has taken place. Eventually when fairway mowing resumes the surface should return to normal quickly.

So now it's a waiting game, hoping for the rain to stop and allow the ground to dry out sufficiently for mowing to re commence and get everything back into shape.  We will not rush this process as going out too early will cause damage which will take a longer time to recover.  Myself and all members just have to be patient.  Once the sun comes back out (and it will), there will be important recovery time prior to recommencing play.

While we have received considerable downpours here, on a larger scale we sympathise with the devastation and in some cases tragedy for all the affected people in flooded areas where the rainfall exceeded 700mm last week, rainfall for us February 1st  - March 3rd  was 442mm (almost half a metre).

If you are feeling you'll never get back to golf, having been off the course for just over a week, back in 1989 April through to June, the course was closed following the impact of wet weather for a staggering 59 days due to being unplayable!

Ron Duffy - Course Superintendent

Tonight WIN $2050 Cash or a Meat Tray or Both!

Be here tonight 6:30-7:30pm to WIN our Members' CASH DRAW (playing or social membership applies). Friday Night is also our weekly Meat Raffle and Friday Night Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm, join us for FUN FRIDAYS!

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1951 A Very Good Vintage

We are proposing to hold a combined and belated 70th birthday celebration for the members of North Ryde Golf Club and their companion and friends who turned the BIG 7- 0 in 2021.

The plans to hold this event had to be put on hold last year but the timing now seems right for cranking-up this initiative.

This combined birthday celebration will be in the form of a Nine, Dine and Wine (or other beverage) event, commencing with 9 holes of golf from 2pm (and from 5pm in the Club House for non-golfers), for a celebration of the 1951ers achieving our 3 score years and 10. 

Plans are underway to permit attendees the opportunity to share their humorous or appreciative thoughts on reaching this milestone. The proposed date is Thursday 12 May and the event will be open to members and non-members, with the cost for golf, dinner and commemorative memorabilia, to be provided when we have a better idea of how many people are interested in attending this event. So that we can assess the interest and the viability of holding this function for more people than have indicated their attendance already, please confirm your interest by sending an email to nrydegc1951@gmail.com

Jump on board with other members, companions and friends born in this classic vintage, to become a part of this fun and historic event. Feel free to contact Pino Russo, Graham Davis or John Law, the 3 x villains behind this event, with any questions. Further details to follow.

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Pro-Shop Prize Money & Golf Balls 

With the course closed this week, loading of prize money and balls from the Pro-shop was extended.  All members have until 9am Sunday, 6 March to notify the Pro Shop either through email pro@northrydegolfclub.com.au or via phone 9888 5518 this allows for the staff to process requests before rolling the system first thing Monday morning.

The Pro-Shop is open Sat 7am-12 noon and Sunday 7am-11am.

All members' 2022-23 subscription notices due last week can be paid in person at the Club office, by phone during office hours or direct debit online using bank details on base of your subscription notice and your reference (member number).

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This Week's Trivia Homework

Bring your answer to this week's TRIVIA question below to our next TRIVIA night on Wednesday 9 March 7pm for an extra point in round 1.  Grab the family or friends and join in the fun, it's free to play and great prizes. 

This week's TRIVIA homework question is: Which Australian actor played the lead role in the  movie 'Avatar'? 

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Course Closed Fri 4 - Sun 6 March

Please check the website daily for updates.

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Click here for latest COVID update in the Club

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