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Friday 9 September 2022

  • Sports Lunch
  • Why Do We Renovate?
  • Super Sunday - FREE Music, $1000 CASH
  • Super Seniors
  • Get to Know Nikola 
  • TRIVIA is Back
  • Did You See?
  • Joke of the Week
  • What's on at the Club

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Click Here To Book Online Today - Don't Miss Out

Last Week to Book Your Seats 

We invite all supporters, friends and guests to join us to mingle among sporting greats as North Ryde Golf Club hosts our Sports Lunch on Friday 23 September.  Sporting legends present will be Mark Taylor (former Australian cricketer, current Cricket Australia director and Nine Network commentator), Paul Langmack (former rugby league coach and representative and premiership-winning player) and Dave Stanley (Sky Sports Racing Guru). These special guests will be sharing tales and tips from their glory days.  MC on the day is Sports Director of Australian Radio and WSFM fame, Jim Dolan. It's going to be huge!

Grab a few mates and don't miss out on a fabulous afternoon comprising of an all-inclusive 2 course lunch and a 4 hour drinks package along with plenty of laughs, stories and entertainment.  

Tickets $150 per head - Book online via phone 02 9887 4422, email office@northrydegolfclub.com.au or at the Club Reception during office hours.

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Why Do We Renovate?

With the recent Greens Renovations and course closure Mon & Tue this week, brings forth the question, why do we renovate? Why is it always carried out when the greens are at their best?

We renovate greens to improve and enhance turf health now and into the future. The benefits of coring is to create a new air space, which will improve surface drainage and infiltration rates of water into the surface. This will also encourage new root and shoot growth, which is necessary for a healthy green.

Over time a golf green will accumulate thatch. Thatch is a layer of dead and living stems and roots that develops between the growing turf and the soil surface. Thatch becomes a problem as it increases insect and disease problems. The thatch layer is an ideal environment for insects to feed and thatch also harbours disease causing organisms.

We control thatch by vertical mowing (dethatching photo 1 & 2) which is a blade that runs perpendicular to the ground. See photo below:

We also control thatch by core aerification. Coring is probably the least invasive way to control thatch. A coring machine is used to mechanically remove a small plug from a green. See photo 3 above the effects of a coring machine that has been filled with sand into the thatch layer.

Of course this intense program of works can only be carried out while there are no players on the course. We are happy to announce the weather played ball and we were able to get everything done to keep our course in the best condition possible.

Dean Lenertz - Assistant Superintendent

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Be at Your Favourite Club for 'Super Sunday'

This Sunday is the afternoon/evening to be at the Club for FREE Live music from 3:30pm, the fun of the $1,000 Members Cash Draw and the opportunity to celebrate our winners from the past month with presentations commencing at 5:30pm. 

Live music is brought to us by "Seamus Field" a very talented, pianist and singer who has performed locally and internationally at over 200 events. The $1,000 Members Cash Draw will go to a lucky Member as numbers will be drawn until we have a winner!

All members & visitors are welcome to join in the fun, make a night of it and leave the cooking to Dragon On The Green - This Sunday 11 September from 3:30pm. 

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Thanks Super Seniors!

The last two Super Senior Pennants games played both were very close games. On Monday 29 August we played Bayview at Muirfield. Two games finished square and we lost another on 18th.  Bayview won 5-3. On Thursday 8 September we played Muirfield at Monash. With the scores level at 3-3, the last two games came down the 18th. We lost both games to lose 5-3. As this was our last game, I would like to thank the 15 players who played this year.  It was not easy for players to commit to all games. Every player did his best. We'll be back, bigger & stronger next year.

Peter Richardson - Super Senior Pennants Manager

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Get to Know Nikola 

Nikola joined our Office Team in December 2021 and has since been a key member of our department. Mother of two gorgeous girls Karvell and Davina both full of positive energy like their mother. 

Nicola puts her multitasking skills and energy in practise every day at the Club from membership, counting money to helping manage functions. She loves to dirt bike ride, has a passion also for horse riding when she can and of course fine wine & food.

Nikola has a ready smile for all our members. Don't forget to g'day, we look forward to many years ahead with Nikola on our Team.

TRIVIA is Back Wed 14 September!

After a week off with no TRIVIA on at the Club last week we look forward to again hosting. Come and join us for FREE TRIVIA on Wednesday nights 7pm! Grab your family or friends for a great night Bring your answers to this question for an extra point. North Ryde Golf Club - 7:00pm

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Did You See?

Last week we had a new addition to our bar with new wine glasses. A great shaped glass that adds rather than takes away from the aroma and taste of your chosen wine with a well-balanced stem and foot.

To add to the aesthetics there is of course our logo that also has a very practical purpose: The bottom edge of the logo circle indicates a 150ml standard pour while the top of the circle is the guide for a 250ml larger pour.

Don't forget to take note next time you order your favourite white, rose or red at the Bar. 

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A man walks through the front door of his home, clearly exasperated.

"I had a terrible round today," he told his wife. "Oh, no! What happened, honey?" she replied. 

"Well," he said, "I only hit two good balls - and that was when I stepped on a rake."

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