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Friday 17 March 2023

  • Course Report

  • Emergency Services Upgrades

  • Super Sunday 

  • Welcome

  • Tonight - Meat Raffle, $1,600 Cash & Thanks Joan

  • Women's & Veteran Women's News

  • TRIVIA - What's On - Diggers Day!

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day Jokes

  • Easter Trading Hours

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Course Report

Course Renovations: Firstly, thanks to our members for your understanding, we needed to close the course for an extra day on Wednesday so we could complete the course renovations which were interrupted by the rain on Tuesday (we received 40mm). This extra day will hugely benefit the green surfaces moving into the winter period.

To complete a successful green renovation, which involves core aerification, we need the weather to work in our favour. Any rain makes the process very difficult as cores left on the green become extremely hard to pick up and most importantly difficult to get sand into the holes after the cores are removed.

Once all the cores are removed off the green, we then apply sand onto the greens, this can take up to 3 to 4 hours to dry even on a sunny day. So, any rain can delay that process.

We push sand into the core holes, assisted by a large brush called the sweep n fill (see photos). To finish the process, we drag a metal screen over the green to smooth out any imperfections and produce a better quality finish.

Dean Lenertz - Course Superintendent

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Emergency Services Upgrades

You may have noticed new stickers on Carts and a new cabinet installation located between the 9th and 17th tees?

Following Norm Spalding's successful First Aid course undertaken at the Club in January, we have been busy upgrading our facilities to better safeguard you, our members.  As you may be aware, North Ryde Golf Club has not been without medical emergencies and to date the quick actions of members and staff have been able to save lives.  

We now introduce two new initiatives which are designed to help our members and guests in the case of an emergency, as quickly as possible - Time is Critical:

  1. Emergency Phone 0414 193 750: PLEASE SAVE THIS NUMBER IN YOUR PHONE.  You will see this number not only on the defib box mentioned above but also affixed to each cart.  In the event of an emergency on the course, please call 0414 193 750 and the Pro-Shop staff will answer the dedicated phone "For Emergencies Only".  Your first-aid trained Pro-Shop staff will most efficiently be able to coordinate an Ambulance the fastest and quickest way to where you're located on the course.  Remember, if you are on the course, the Pro Shop staff are here to help!  The Pro Shop staff will be best equipped to establish your position and coordinate an ambulance including meeting said ambulance and get them to your location in the shortest amount of time possible (Being able to unlock gates onto the course etc).  As Norm says, time is critical! 
  2. Defibrillator: There is a new defibrillator unit located at one of the furthest reaches of the course - between the 9th and 17th tees.  Please see the photo below, in the case of an emergency DO NOT HESITATE to open the box.  Once opened, the voice recording will clearly and calmly talk you through the stepped instructions required to help save your fellow golfer's life.  In addition to the new defibrillator machine, there are two other portable defibrillator units at North Ryde, one in the Pro Shop and one in the Main Bar.

We always hope we do not need to use these things but we have them set in the background for the safety of our members & visitors in case of emergencies. 

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Super Sunday Fun Last week 

Super Sunday 12 March, was another great afternoon/evening event where we got to enjoy live music and celebrate our golfers' wins from February as pictured below.  PLUS one of our golfing winners Hae Ye (Helen) Lee (also pictured below) was the lucky winner of the $1,000 members Cash Draw on the day what a great bonus win!  Keep in mind to win one of the members' CASH DRAWS you just need to be an active social or playing member and be at the Club at the time of a draw. 

Next Super Sunday will be 16 April due to the Easter Break, so update your diaries and save the date! 

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As the new golf year at North Ryde Golf Club gets into swing you may see an occasional new face appear in the Club competitions. We are very slowly welcoming a few new members at a time into the club after an extensive wait on our waitlist. Please make them welcome.

One of these recent new Members is Benjamin Grove who having completing his induction to the Club, had his weekend debut by winning the Saturday 11 March Captain's Trophy - Congratulations and welcome to the Club Ben!

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Tonight Meat Trays & $1,600 Cash to WIN!

Friday Night is going to be huge tonight with Meat Raffle tickets on Sale from 5:30pm, followed by the Friday Night Member's CASH Draw of $1,600. Keep in mind we will not be running Meat Raffle of Friday Night Cash Draw on Good Friday.

Thanks Joan

Tonight after the cash draw is also our opportunity for the Cadets & Juniors past & present, members of the Club and management to to say thanks to Joan Flaherty who has managed and run the Junior program for North Ryde Golf Club for more than a quarter of a century. She is now handing the baton over to Chloe Han who has commenced working with us and is running the new program in conjunction with Marty Lyn. We look forward to seeing many members join us.

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Women's News

Open Day Tuesday 21 March:  What a fantastic response to Open Day. We have over 150 players registered, so we are in for some healthy competition from teams within the club, visiting teams and many guests.

It's a SHOT GUN START at 8am. The Dragon on the Green Restaurant (upstairs) will be open for this event, featuring a special small serve menu. Drinks available from the bar.  Tables of 12 will be allocated as you arrive.  Presentation of the team, NTPs and Longest Drives prizes will take place after lunch.

Please bring CASH to buy some raffle tickets to support our charity efforts for the year. We continue to support The Shepherd Centre, an early intervention service for hearing impaired children and their families.

Eve Sheppard - Women's President

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Women Veterans' News

Reminder, the Veterans' Invitation Day is on Thursday, 30 March.  Play will be a 4BBB Teams event, with 2 best scores to count.  Entry sheets are on the bench in our locker room.  Cost is $20 per person and must be paid by Tuesday, 28 March, otherwise your name cannot go onto the computer.  

If you have invited a visitor, please make sure you have recorded their full golf number on the sheet.  So come join us for a fun day.

Anyone who has not paid their Veterans' fees by the 1 March, you are now not financial.  Please check with Cheryl Ward or myself if you have not paid.

Marlene Peters - Delegate

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Join us for TRIVIA Wednesdays

Good times at last Wednesday night's trivia at North Ryde Golf Club. "Dux Nuts" in first, "The RPs" in second, "A for Effort" in third. Special shout-out to Rosemary from the "A for Effort" team on her 70th birthday!!!

This week's home work question is:  'What's the subtitle to the sequel of Avatar?' Bring your answers to this question for an extra point on Wed 22 March, starts 7pm.

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One liner for St. Patricks Day

1.       Why can't Irish golfers ever end a game on St. Patrick's day? They refuse to leave the green.

2.       What do you get when two leprechauns have a conversation? A lot of small talk

3.       Do people get jealous of the Irish? Yes, they're green with envy!

4.       Why shouldn't you borrow money from a leprechaun? Because they're always a little short.

Sorry for the cheesy jokes but happy St. Patricks Day. I'm ending this with an Irish blessing for all our Golfers.

' May my swing be straight and the ball fly far. May my round be blessed with no worse than PAR.' 

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