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Welcome to the 19th News

Hi all.  I’m 3 months into my first year on a Board of any kind and I have to say I’m loving it.

I will also say that from President to Directors in my opinion we have a Board that has only good intentions and are very passionate about promoting NRGC to another level.

I chose to be on the Club Committee (House) with Alex, Henk & Tim and find it hard to get a word in, they can talk! What they do say is worth listening to.

We have introduced a new raffle system, the badge draw and the Friday night entertainment which in truth has been ok.  First Friday night: record raffle sales, bar takings up and great reports from members on something different with entertainment in the club.

We are trying to improve patronage into the club,  and we are having a go, but in retrospect it always seems to come back to members, the solid members that frequent the club house after golf, have a beer or two, use the restaurant and facilities that get hit the most in support of the Club.

This is something I believe has to change.  Whether we have to Professionally Market the club to make it family friendly on a Monday-Sunday afternoon, Corporate days mid-week, Jazz/Music outside or inside, Outdoor Movies for families, Putt Putt events for kids, Breakfasts to the Public from the BBQ etc, etc, etc, (these are only my opinions, I’m new, take it easy on me)  as you can see in last week’s newsletter report from Tim, revenue is down, I believe if we don’t find a niche or niches that suite our Clubs demographics we may struggle with members sharing the costs instead of giving back. How nice would it be to say to members that fees are going down next year.  This does concern me.

On a lighter note I’m enjoying the banter from members in the clubhouse, the positive and negative comments, the pats on the back for doing a good presentation or a bad one & the Board meetings are not boring at all. I’m happy to be on the Board.

We have our Club Christmas Party on November 23rd with that Mudgee winery weekend giveaway as a lucky door prize, organise a table if you haven’t already. Check the website.

The Saturday time sheet trial will come under review next week, we would love your feedback.

If anyone would like to volunteer for raffle duties on the odd Friday, we would appreciate a helping hand. Thanks to Gordon Edwards for your help to date.

Grant Newsome returns Friday 15 November 7pm – 10pm.                                             

Foursomes Champs are on this weekend & next, good luck to all.

Regards to All – Ross Donaldson Director

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