Fee and Playing Rights

Membership Category Annual Subscriptions

House Credit, Future Projects Levy 

Total per Annum Joining Fee 
 Full Playing – Male  $1,850  $300  $2,150   $1,650

Full Playing Intermediate (Colt) (Aged 18 – U’25)

 $760  $100  $860  $660
Flexible $940 $300 $1,240 $750
Playing – Ladies  $1,440  $300  $1,740  $1,100
Playing Intermediate (Ladies Colt) (Aged 18 – U’25)  $600  $100   $700  $440 
Junior Full Playing (Male)  $250  Nil  $250  Nil 
Junior Playing (Ladies)  $200  Nil   $200  Nil 

Social (1 Year)

Social (5 Years)



 Nil   Nil  Nil  

Payment of Fees 

  • Joining fees may be paid over three year period for Full Playing Men & Playing Ladies 
  • Annual subscriptions (excluding the House Credit, Projects Levy and Member Function fee) may be paid monthly, if you provide the Club with a valid direct debit authority. 
  • All membership fees include Golf Australia affiliation fees which entitles you to hold a GA handicap. 

Playing Rights 

  • All membership categories at North Ryde Golf Club are open to all genders. 
  • Full Playing members (including Intermediate and Junior) may enter competitions held on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and Public Holidays. 
  • Playing members (including Intermediate and Junior) are eligible to enter member competitions on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Public Holidays. 
  • Full Playing members aged 55 years and over may also enter competitions held by the Veterans’ Division of the Club on the second, fourth and fifth Mondays of each month. 
  • Full Playing and Playing members may play social golf, outside of competition times and subject to any pre-booked events, such as corporate trade days and representative matches. 
  • Flexible members may enter competitions held on Tuesday (Ladies), Wednesday (Male), Thursday (Ladies), Saturday (Male), Sundays (Mixed) and Public Holidays. Flexible members are not eligible to play in the Club Championships.
  • Social members are entitled to enjoy the Clubhouse facilities, but do not have any golf rights.

Deferral of Membership

The Board may defer a Member’s Membership for a period of three months or more and apply a credit to the Member’s subscription for the suspended period, if exceptional circumstances exist.

The Board is the sole arbiter of what constitutes exceptional circumstances under By-Law 5.9.1.

Injury or illness that precludes a Member from playing golf will not, of itself, constitute exceptional circumstances under By-Law 5.9.1.