Club History

History of the Club 

Golf was first introduced to North Ryde in 1937 and became the new home of two golf courses previously located in Rydalmere and Eastwood.

The Rydalmere course, also known as Spurway Ridge, was a nine-hole course located between Marsden Road and Rutledge Streets in Ermington, while the Eastwood course, also a nine-hole facility, was bounded by Blaxland, Lovell and Kings Road in Denistone.

The new course at North Ryde was established on land owned by a syndicate of local residents and Sydney businessman Les Mernin, who was to become its major shareholder.

A new golf club was formed from the Rydalmere and Eastwood clubs and leased the land from the syndicate.

Voluntary labour played an important part of the Club’s operations, with working parties made of loyal and hardworking members who tried to tame what had been unsympathetically described as a “fairly primitive and overgrown” course.

Following World War II, attempts were made to acquire the land on which the golf course was located from the Syndicate.  After protracted negotiations the land was eventually acquired for the princely sum of £18,367.

The Club owes a great debt to Stan Sheather who was instrumental in the Club’s acquisition of the land.  Sheather became President and a Life Member of the Club when it was officially incorporated at is first general meeting on 19 August 1949.

To mark the occasion, the Club’s then honorary solicitor, Laurence Berry, donated a cup to which became known as the North Ryde Commemoration Cup, which is still contested in August of each year.

Perhaps partly because of the Club’s humble beginnings, the Club and its members have always enjoyed a reputation for their fellowship and cordiality both on and off the course.

Improvements to the Clubhouse and the golf course has always been ongoing in the ensuing 75 years and have led to the challenging golf course and modern facilities that members and visitors to the Club now enjoy.