President’s Update

Published on 14th November 2019

First, we say farewell to Jessica Renton our Events Co-Ordinator who has decided to leave the Club in order to prepare for the impending addition to her family. We wish Jessica and her family all the best over the coming months.

As a result, the General Manager, in consultation with your Finance, Technology, Audit and Administration (FTAA) Committee, is reviewing our needs and designing an improved Organisational Structure with updated Role Descriptions, Key Success Factors and Performance Indicators. With these in hand, we will be better equipped to ensure that we have, to coin one of my favourites, “the right people, doing the right things, at the right time”.

In line with this, I once again ask that you consider what you can offer? We are actively seeking volunteer assistance with various Trades, Finance and Administration, Marketing, Raffles, Functions setup, Course Rangers and helpers, etc. Anyone wishing to be part of the Volunteers Programme, please contact the General Manager or any Director. 

The Saturday Sheet Trial has completed. I must say that it was pleasing to see so many people in the Club enjoying each other’s company and the friendly banter with those Directors brave enough to front up! Your Golf Committee will review the feedback and your Board will decide whether to abandon, change or try something else.

Following on from this, I must say it is disappointing how often I hear “I heard that…”. Your Board is spending considerable time in trying to ensure that all Members are kept up to date via several channels. May I encourage all Members to include “I read that…” and “I saw that…” in their “Tee banter”. Way too often, “I heard that..” serves only a personal bias or specific agenda and is rarely completely accurate.

The first Twilight was a great success, played in almost perfect conditions and topped off with a banquet of Burgers, Chips, Mongolian Beef, Satay Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork and Fried Rice. At the suggestion of several Members, Bookings can now be made online for Thursday 23 (next week), so join in – you will not be disappointed.

Grant Newsome is back this Friday Night after the Raffle. Both previous visits have been a fantastic dance-a-lot, sing-along and this will be even better, especially with $600 now in the Members Cash Draw.

Finally, a reminder that the Christmas Dinner Dance is NEXT WEEK – Saturday. Book at the Office.

Mark Mathieson – Club President


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