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We hope that those that played our Hams Day last Monday, enjoyed the day and finished before the light rain arrived.  We trust that those who had played the required 16 Rounds during our most unusual year, collected their hams to enjoy and share on Christmas Day and beyond.

Hams Day, as usual, is our last game for the year.  Our first game for 2021 is January 11 as indicated in the 2020 Fixtures Book.  

2021 will see us returning to our usual fortnightly programme, so our second game will be January 25.  Starting time for our games will now return to 7.00 a.m.  A further reminder of these details will be given in early January via the 19th News.

For 2021, the Committee was given the opportunity by the Golf Committee to expand the events that we play each fortnight.  For years we have played a 2 Ball Team + Individual Stableford Event each game, other than a Stroke Event for our Championships and a Best 3 out 4 + Individual Stableford Event for our Hams Day.  After due consideration, your Committee considered that Members may enjoy a little bit of variety, on a trial basis, for the 2021 year.  Therefore, when the 2021 Fixtures Book becomes available, you will be able to see when these 2 additional events will be played.  Your Committee trusts that Members will accept these changes enthusiastically.  

For some months now, the Golf Committee has been conducting a review of the Men’s, Ladies and Vets Handicap groupings.  Their findings pertaining to the Vets, showed that the existing Daily Handicap groupings were Div. 1 40% of the field, Div. 2 also 40% of the field, and Div. 3 just 20% of the field.  As a consequence, your Committee was asked whether we would like to make some alterations to the existing group handicaps that would, hopefully, produce a more even distribution each game.  Your Committee agreed that it would be in the best interests of Members for us to do this, so with the valuable assistance of the GC, the following Daily Handicap groupings were agreed: –

Division 1 – was 0/19, now 0/18

Division 2 – was 20/27, now 19/24

Division 3 – was 28/36, now 25/36

Therefore, as from our first game next year, the above handicaps will be used by Marty and for the foreseeable future.

Finally, your Committee would like to say how much we have enjoyed managing the Vets programme on your behalf throughout this crazy year and we look forward to doing so again next year.  We take this opportunity of wishing all Members and their families a Merry Christmas and may 2021 be a year that will enable us to put behind us all the sadness that it brought to so many families and individuals.  To you all, may you have good health, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead and we look forward to seeing you again on January 11.

Scott Beatty – Captain

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