Ladies 2021 Season

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As our 2021 golf season kicks off, I would just like to take a moment to say it is an honour to represent you as your Captain.  Hopefully, this year will have less challenges than the last!!

We are going to resume a two tee start on a trial basis.  We hope to be able to accommodate everyone with a game, and it may take us a little while to get the timing right so that there is no holdup at crossover so please be patient and bear with us as we work out the fine details. 

For two tees to work effectively and have no delay at crossover we need everyone’s cooperation. 

  • Please be ready on the tee so that you can hit off as soon as the group in front is out of range. 
  • Watch where each ball ends up saving time looking for lost balls.
  • Always keep the group in front in your sights. 
  • On the green, if the next tee is clear, when two people have completed putting, they should then proceed to the next tee and tee off before marking their cards.

At crossover and the end of the game please observe the COVID safety rules.

If the timesheet is full when you are booking, please put your name on the waitlist if you want a game otherwise, we will not know there are more people wanting to play.  

A reminder that the Special Events money needs to be paid before you participate in Golf NSW events (i.e., Medal Rounds, NSW Bowl, Goodwill Plate).  There is a list on the noticeboard of those who have already paid.  This is not compulsory, and if you choose not to pay to enter the Golf NSW events you will still be able to enter the event of the day.

With COVID around last year I am sure I have not seen or met many of you.  Please come and introduce yourself to me and please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or by phone on 0414 525 769 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Barbara Evennett – Lady Captain

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