Hole 2 - The Carpark

MEN Par 4


Hole 2 - The Carpark Information

Off the tee you need to hit your drive up the right side as the fairway slopes from right to left and there is water down the left side for the shorter hitter.
The approach is uphill to a small green with a big slope from back to front , so be sure to keep your approach below the flag.

Hole Distances

328 m

298 m

318 m

Hole 1
Tall Timbers

Hole 2
The Carpark

Hole 3
Magpie Glen

Hole 4
The Dam

Hole 5
Flame Trees

Hole 6
Four Winds

Hole 7
The Challenge

Hole 8
School Grounds

Hole 9
The Clubhouse

Hole 10
Bunker Hill

Hole 11
Snake Gully

Hole 12
The Needle

Hole 13
The Gums

Hole 14

Hole 15
Pine Valley

Hole 16
The Sentinels

Hole 17
Homeward Bound

Hole 18
One for the Road